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The Sylvan Well

Join Us For a Day or Stay For a While

Holistic Healing. Meditation. Workshops. Organic Foods. Energy Work. Intuitive Sessions.

Health and Nutritional Consultations. Yoga. Sauna Sessions. Plant Therapy. Mindfulness Hikes.

Labyrinth Walks. Akashic Records Readings. Sanctuary.

In stillness... we heal.

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The Sylvan Well came into being when synchronicities became too loud to ignore and possibilities began to show themselves as larger than life!

The Main House was constructed in the 1850's and has since served as a family home, a slave plantation, a Civil War infirmary, a Bed & Breakfast, a restaurant and bar, a spring water collection site, and even a dog breeding sanctuary.

When the current owner's discovered it, the Universe took charge and listed the possibilities and guided them to the platform....thus, The Sylvan Well was formed.

One solid year of tearing down, destroying, dismantling and finally, rebuilding to create a clean template, walking gardens, a workout space, our labyrinth, The Loft, The Lillie Cottage, The Rosa Cottage and more... It was worth every bit of the sweat, anxiety and creative blocks to offer this sanctuary to guests.

Our Story
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We are a global community of changemakers, seekers, healers, meditators, yogis and Divine Light spreaders.

We offer workshops online, in person and on property. We hold hands with those who need healing and offer wings to those who are ready to fly. We are The Sylvan Well Support System!

Whether our guests are on the property or traveling abroad or home with their families, we want to affect change and spread light. We want to foster connections that are life-changing and sustainable. 

From our space to yours, we invite you to join us on the journey of moving into light. Every day. From wherever you may be.


We have intentionally designed our property to promote healing on all levels~ the mind, the body and the soul.

Our space is a retreat.  A place to visit for a day or stay for a week.  We want to break bread, share our stories of healing, encourage movement and  participate in the growth and expansion of those who are willing to explore, share seek and create their own journey.

Healing modalities abound and we guarantee that what you are seeking is available if you are joining us for a stay.

The options are abundant and the opportunities abound.  Nothing is beyond the realm of possibility when one chooses to begin the process of awakening.  Our mission is to support you on this journey.

"Calm mind brings inner strength and

self-confidence, so that's very important for

good health."

His Holiness, the 14th Dalai Lama


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Co-Founder, Director & 

Holistic Healer


Co Founder, Event Planner &
Excursion Coordinator

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