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“The ancients had a term in the mystical tradition called the Akashic Records, which was suggestive that nature didn’t lose it’s experience, that the information accumulated was available forever.” ~Edgar Mitchell

Akashic Records

Akashic Records Readings

The Akashic Records are often referred to as The Book of Life and they contain the "PLAN" for the soul's journey while upon the planet. Lisa has the ability and training to access the records of each client and share with them the information that is pertinent to their individual time upon the planet.


These sessions promote healing and dive into the deeper issues that may be the direct result of past life connections and/or present day unresolved trauma.


The Akashic Records are referenced in religious settings as The Book of Life. In her spiritual work, Lisa has come to know and understand these books as a "soul contract". Through a brief "walk" in the records, she was guided to her own books to bear witness to herself standing in front of her records at that exact moment. It seemed surreal at the time, but looking back, that moment led her to here. To you reading this. And, to Lisa's own clarity along this path.


At the incarnation of a soul, a contract is put into place between Source and the soul. The soul is then incarnated and begins a journey of lessons, of learning, of seeking, of deciding, of making errors and of living. Wouldn't it be easier if we knew and understood exactly what our soul had agreed to as we entered life?


This is how Lisa works and helps clients all over the world!  She accesses their records and together they seek clarity and answers to their deepest questions. Lisa is not the healer but the medium through which the healing clarity and guidance can travel. She works in conjunction with a client's  guides, masters and teachers so that they can fully understand their trials and gain greater clarity as to the depth of their learning and then, healing.


Making the choice to heal and completing this work with Lisa to connect with your higher consciousness, your spirit guides and Source energy allows for greater connection, clarity and healing! 

These services can be scheduled at the time of your registration at The Sylvan Well or by reaching out to Lisa to schedule a remote session. Remote sessions can be scheduled via cell or zoom and require payment before session times are scheduled.  To schedule, click the link below and make payment. You will then receive an email with session times and directions included. 60 minute sessions are  currently available for $140.00 and payment is through the link below.

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