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"I am not sure how to accurately describe just how incredible Dancing Spirit Ranch is! The craftsmanship of the buildings is details emerge with every visit! Robin and Tyler were incredible hosts, ensuring our time at the ranch to be one of relaxation...exactly why we go there. There aren't many places in Montana that offer guests the opportunity to create a custom experience NEAR to a neighboring town. Dancing Spirit offers the chance for you to be secluded but lies only a quick ten minute drive from both Whitefish and Columbia Falls, gateways to skiing, lake life and Glacier National Park. I highly recommend spending time at the ranch. Whether you need a quiet getaway with friends, you're having a family reunion, or you're in charge of planning a company retreat, this paradise should be at the top of your list! Five stars, high fives, thumbs up and a big congrats to the staff at Dancing Spirit for opening such a wonderful property for others to enjoy!" -- Alyssa 

"Connection with the land, rest, rejuvenation, beauty, peace... so many gifts are bestowed by simply being at Dancing Spirit Ranch. From the perspective of an event planner, the environment of the Ranch is unparalleled. The land itself, the big sky, the views, the Barn, the Schoolhouse, The Bunkhouse, the Little White House and the Cedar House, all provide peaceful, useful spaces that individually contribute to each unique event. From the perspective of a seeker, the quality and depth of instruction over the past year's classes have been just amazing and they have contributed greatly to my growth. I am very grateful to have this special and sacred space in our community. Robin and Tyler are gracious, caring, warm and organized hosts, giving their heart to your experience, and Katherine and Gordon's vision and understanding have set the ultimate foundation for this sublime location on the planet." -- Joyce

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